Click Counter

Use click counter to count the number of any object, money or score.


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Our Click Counter helps you to count the number of mouse clicks. You can also count the number of people, exercise repetition and other things as well with help of this clicker counter.

What is a Clicker counter?

Click counter is an online tool that is used to count the number of actions you have done. This counter helps you to track the number of mouse clicks, inventory count, exercise etc. Additionally, It enables you to increase productivity. So, save your time by using this counter. You can also increase your clicking speed by practicing on this counter. You need to do daily practice to increase your cps (Click Per Second).

How to use the Clicker Counter?

Clicking counter is very simple and easy to use. You don’t need to create any account to use this counter. You just need the following simple steps. This tool is compatible for all browsers like Opera, Safari and the others.

  • Search on your browser.
  • Choose on the “Clicker Counter” from the main menu.
  • Click on the “+” button to add numbers in your counting.
  • Click on the “-” button to subtract the number from your counting.
  • Once you are done with this you will get your results.

Advantages of Using Click Counter:

There are many advantages to using an online counter. Like,

  • You can boost your clicking speed for gaming to get more scores and kills.
  • You can count your events with the help of this clicks counter.
  • You can break the world record of cps test if you practice daily on this counter.
  • This counter accurately measures the number of clicks you have done.


How do I count my mouse clicks?

You can calculate your mouse clicks with the help of this online counter. If you want to add the number click on the “+” button. If you want to subtract the button click on “-” button.

Why would I need a click counter?

This can be used in various activities like games, surveys, and more. So, you need clicks counter to save your time.